All about layering skin care products!

At night when your sleeping, your skin is being repaired. So lets the job make easier for your body. And have you ever thought of what you would like with that perfect skin? About 85% of teenagers deal with acne in their lives.

Get rid of those blemishes! Clean your face



Always start of with clean hands.

There a couple of skin products I use to achieve than perfect skin look.

First step with Sephora express cleansing wipes, direly clean your face, remover any makeup, oily, dirt and lipstick. My skin is going to feel purified, tone and last feeling perfectly clean.

Next I’m washing my face with a cleansing foaming mousse, I’m using one for dehydrated skin, because it contains less alcohol and other drying ingredients. After I clean my face with a tonic also for a dehydrated skin by using a cotton pad.

Step three is optional, you can use a eye cream now, Apply this under your eyes by gently padding it on. And blend the eye cream out towards the ear. Use your ring finger because it’s the weakest finger and the skin around the eye area is very senitive.

Next step, your skin hydrating serum or concentrate. Apply your serum first by padding it on your face the reason why is because serums are usually thinner than a moisturiser and more concentrated. Your skin should absorb it easily if you apply this on after your eye cream.

Take your anti wrinkle cream or serum, (if you need one, but prevention is the key), apply this on your wrinkles or future wrinkles.

Now it is time to apply your moisturiser, take your cream, break it down between your fingers so it’s nice and warm. And pad this on your face. Don’t forget your neck! And just finish of with your lip balm.

Remember, you can always remove or add more steps.

I tried this out and it really works. First my skin had a lot of breakouts but than was because I use products for a dehydrated skin, because your skin makes moist from the inside, to keep your skin hydrated. If your skin it creates too much, you get pimples. So that’s why you should NEVER use drying products. That’s just bad for skin. But because I used products for dehydrated skin, my skin was creating too much moist and I also ws hydrating my skin. Later, your skin get used to this and makes less moist and so you get a nice smooth skin. I’ve done it two weeks now and I really feel that it is working.
I only apply a serum at night and a very thick cream. By day I clean my face as above and only apply my Sephora flawless moisturizing lotion with SPF 15. Because at day you don’t need that much products.


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