All about Make up mistakes!

If you want fuller lips, is the temptation to just draw outside your lip edge very large. But not only is it difficult to make a nice smooth line, the chances are much bigger that your lipstick will mess up. Whoops!

Dark lip liner is not very pretty. Especially if it is much darker than your lipstick.Try to find the same lip liner and lipstick. If you can’t find one, color your lips completely and put a gloss over it!

Foundation is the base of your makeup. A good foundation can make a nice smooth skin. But it also can go wrong can go wrong

Too dark or too light
Foundation aims to make your skin smooth, not your tan or lighten your skin.

Visible lines
If you own a good foundation, and the right color. Then you have little to no chance on this. But some people have this “mask” effect face. You can prevent this by blending everything. Especially around your neck and hairline.

Make sure when you buy waterproof makeup, it is a good brand. Often you do find out that it leads to crappy makeup and dirty lumps .. So invest in good makeup. This is useful for swimming, unexpected tears or rain!

Tight and dark eyeliner is not pretty. This is very hard, so make sure that your liquid eyeliner has a colour like brown, dark blue etc. Or use an eyeliner pencil and blur the line out.

Makeup application on a dry skin is a real mistake. This is for foundation,lipstick and eye makeup. Your makeup will look flaky. So make sure you use a good moisturizer before applying any makeup.


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