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All about BB cream!

30 november 2011 | Geplaatst in High-end Beauty

Ik heb van BBcreamshop (BBcreamshop op facebook) een paar BBcreams gekregen om uit te proberen, BBcreams zijn nog niet echt populair in Nederlands, terwijl eigenlijk iedereen ze gebruikt in Aziatische landen, en eigenlijk hebben zij allemaal een prachtige huid. Daardoor ben ik erg nieuwschierig geworden en ben ik een aantal weken deze producten uit gaan […]

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All about Nail Polish mini-haul!

16 november 2011 | Geplaatst in High-end Beauty

  I couldn’t resist buying even more nail polish, I bought a really pretty shimmery blue from BornPrettyStore in #03, it’s called Glitter Blue Silver Shimmer Nail Polish Glitter Nail Art #03 on the website. And I also bought some from essence, I actually don’t like essence, but these where so pretty, from the vampire […]

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Lime Crime Lipscticks

10 november 2011 | Geplaatst in Persbericht

GREAT PINK PLANET, AIRBORNE UNICORN, COQUETTE, NO SHE DIDN’T, MY BEAUTIFUL ROCKET, RETROFUTURIST, COUNTESSA FLUORESCENT , COSMOPOP, D’LILAC, CENTRIFUCHSIA Our Fairytale Like most real-life fairy tales, Lime Crime began as one girl’s dream to make the world a brighter place. Conceptualized in 2008 as an answer to a beauty industry ironically often devoid of color, […]

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Roaccutane Journey – Skin Vlog

7 november 2011 | Geplaatst in High-end Beauty

I’ve had acne since I was 10, so that’s almost 7 years now. I tried so much: Clinique 3 steps skin care, I used that for 3 years I think, first the most harsh one, then the mild one because my skin didn’t react that great on it. Then the ‘blemish’ line came out, and […]

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