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september 2011

All about Born Pretty Store #2!

Hey Guys,

I got the second package from Born Pretty Store. It was really fast, agian. So what they send me are the:

3 pcs Color Lady Eyebrow Shaver Shaper Razors Blade

Candy Color Mood Nail Polish Nail Art -007

Black Color New Instant Cracking Nail Polish Nail Art-20
I’m not going to do a video review. But I will definitively use them in my tutorials! And just tell some things about them,

The 3 pcs Color Lady Eyebrow Shaver Shaper Razors Blade

100% brand new and high quality
Material: Plastic (handle), stainless steel (blade)
Cute and comfortable design for ladies and women
Folding design allows you to carry or use more conveniently
Ultra thin foil covered on the blade for protecting women’s sensitive skin, also can prevent blade from cutting too closely while shaving
A clear cover case can keep blade clean and prevent cutting
Color: Blue, Orange, Red

What I think about it:

SO easy to use, its fast and doesn’t hurt at all! I’ll make a video tutorial soon.

The Candy Color Mood Nail Polish Nail Art -007


Color: Light Blue
Number: 007
Professional quality nail polish ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color
Comes with brush making nail art fast and easy for everyone
Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time

The Black Color New Instant Cracking Nail Polish Nail Art-20

100% Brand New
Color: Black
Capacity: 15ml
New Design, Quick Dry and Crackle, Easy to Use.

The right way to use it
1. Coated with base nail oil. (Base nail oil to be painted as to protect the nails)
2. Apply base color which can also be free to choose and part of the photo split out.
We recommend some Glitter Nail Polish.
3. Reapply background, wait about 1 minute to make it dry, and then cover Instant Cracking Nail Polish.
Thickness can be arbitrary. Direction can be freely left, before and oblique.
(P.S: The tips is not the law, crack naturally irregular looks better) The samples in advertising are obliquely brushed three times at intervals very thin and not painted the whole nails, so cracks are relatively large. If you want to have smaller cracks, Cracking Nail Polish can be coated thickly and painted a lot.
4. The magic crack pattern will appear after thoroughly dry.
Finally, The Coated Polishing Oil, Will Be Beautiful And Make It Perfect.

What I think about it:

Great Nailpolishes, last long and look pretty. The blue one is so pretty and fresh, and 1 coat will be okay, but I just like to apply 2. The Cracking nail polish so also really pretty and does the crackle job pretty well!

Both dry very fast!


3 pcs Color Lady Eyebrow Shaver Shaper Razors Blade Candy Color Mood Nail Polish Nail Art -007 Black Color New Instant Cracking Nail Polish Nail Art-20


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All about Konichito!

Hi allemaal,

eventjes een post voor mijn nederlandse lezers! Ik heb een leuke webshop ontdekt genaamd “Konichito”. Allemaal leuk en aardig, maar wat is Konichito eigenlijk? Konichito is een leuke webshop, wat je er kunt kopen? Accesoires, en lady’s, accesiores kun je nooit genoeg hebben!


Deze Vintage bedelarmband vind ik echt leuk! (€8,90)

Prachtige armband met allerlei bedeltjes, zoals uiltje, sleutel, bloem, blaadjes, parels etc. Armband is voorzien van 3 lagen kettingen.

Ook deze Cute ribbon pearl armband is super leuk, en betaalbaar. (€7,90)

Klassieke armband met kraaltjes, Dali klokje, munt en een stoffen strikje.


OMG, how cute? Deze Cute Bunny oorbellen zijn te schattig! (€5,90)

Ook deze Witte Roosjes zijn super schattig en over bij te dragen! (€4,90)


Deze Beautiful Peacock ketting is zo leuk, ik wil hem echt bestellen. (€7,90)

Prachtige pauw met imitatie veer en een grote druppel steen aan de onderkant

De Coinketting vind ik ook echt leuk, ik heb namelijk wat met kruisjes..Ook al ben ik niet gelovig. Ik vind ze gewoon mooi. (€7,90)

Leuke ketting in diverse lagen en verschillende bedeltjes, zoals munten en kruisjes

Ook hebben ze onder de categorie overige leuke sleutel/mobiel hangers en portemonneetjes.

En als je iemand een cadeau wilt geven hebben ze ook nog super leuke cadeau verpakkingen!

Ik vind Konichito een leuke shop omdat ze leukere sieraden als de Claire’s of six hebben. Deze kettingen en oorbellen hebben net iets speciaals. Dit vind ik juist erg leuk! Ik hoop dat jullie een kijkje nemen op de site en eventueel wat kopen!

Laat me weten als je wat koopt, en zo ja wat je koopt! Ben benieuwd!


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All about Make up mistakes!

If you want fuller lips, is the temptation to just draw outside your lip edge very large. But not only is it difficult to make a nice smooth line, the chances are much bigger that your lipstick will mess up. Whoops!

Dark lip liner is not very pretty. Especially if it is much darker than your lipstick.Try to find the same lip liner and lipstick. If you can’t find one, color your lips completely and put a gloss over it!

Foundation is the base of your makeup. A good foundation can make a nice smooth skin. But it also can go wrong can go wrong

Too dark or too light
Foundation aims to make your skin smooth, not your tan or lighten your skin.

Visible lines
If you own a good foundation, and the right color. Then you have little to no chance on this. But some people have this “mask” effect face. You can prevent this by blending everything. Especially around your neck and hairline.

Make sure when you buy waterproof makeup, it is a good brand. Often you do find out that it leads to crappy makeup and dirty lumps .. So invest in good makeup. This is useful for swimming, unexpected tears or rain!

Tight and dark eyeliner is not pretty. This is very hard, so make sure that your liquid eyeliner has a colour like brown, dark blue etc. Or use an eyeliner pencil and blur the line out.

Makeup application on a dry skin is a real mistake. This is for foundation,lipstick and eye makeup. Your makeup will look flaky. So make sure you use a good moisturizer before applying any makeup.


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